Our first steps on the market 1996

Our history begins back in 1996, when the founder arrived in Windhoek from France, with an old computer in his suitcases... Starting Namikala Safaris from a small garage... Tourism started to develop in Namibia and at the same time, the first tourism websites where flourishing...  It was the beginning of a great adventure, selling our tours on Internet, from the very start. the key attitudes and values that form part and parcel of our corporate culture are still in place: pragmatism, flexibility, the willingness to learn and work hard, an open mind and respect for other people and cultures.

Continuous innovation and transformation

Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been themes throughout our history. The company has built its solid reputation thanks to thorough employees selection. By the 2001, we started offering self drive tours, camping tours and fly-in safaris - solutions that were attracting an increasing number of clients.

Continuous growth, until...

With double digit growth figure, every year, from 1996 to 2008... Namikala Safaris established itself as an expert company for tailor-made tours in Southern Africa. We did not foresee the 2008 economic crises, but our small scale office and tight financial discipline allowed us to adapt rapidly to the new scene.

2008 Crises

Then comes the 2008 economic crises, affecting us all. 2009 will see a 30% decrees in sales, 2010 another 20% down... It is a turning point, we quiclky adapt  to the new situation, our strict finanicial discipline and limited fixed costs proove to be an asset in this situation.

Where our solutions come from

Its time to find new and better performing product... Through careful selection of our service providers, we continue to innovate and provide good quality packages with expert advice at competitive costs.

New era

May 2017, Namikala Safaris eventually migrate to an office in town... Fabi joins us as Junior tour consultant and she is in charge of all your bookings, be it vehicles, hotels, lodges or activities. We rent an office in the premises of a well known radio station in Windhoek ; Channel 7. The time when we were working from a small garage, with a single telephone and fax line is long gone...

Continuous Innovation...

2018 also proved to be another turning point as we introduced Motorcycles Tours to our portfolio... Still in small numbers, we offer incredible experiences to all types of bikers, riding on tarmac or on gravel roads, with or without a back-up vehicle. Possibilities are literally unlimited.
And what about the future? We can't wait to have electric vehicles in Namibia... The amount of solar power our country can generate is simply mind-blowing. Free recharge for zero emission vehicle is a dream.