3 Days - Serra Cafema

Table Guided Tour

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  • REF: Fly-In add On - Serra Cafema
  • Date: Daily
  • Info: Wilderness Safaris Luxury Camp - Access By Air Only

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Your journey: This spectacular Add-On package takes you to the remote Luxury Camp of Serra Cafema.
Optional Add-On tp any of our 4x4 self-drive tour or Motorcycle tour. 

Brief Itinerary:
Days 1 : From Doro Nawas Airstrip > Fly to Serra Cafema Camp
Day 2 : Full Board and Guided Activities at Serra Cafema Camp
Day 3 : Fly back to Doro Nawas Airstrip.

Overview: Set under verdant trees on the banks of the Kunene River, Serra Cafema is one of the most remote camps in southern Africa. Guests can truly disconnect, unwind and relax to the sound of rushing water, and explore one of the driest deserts in the world. Respectful interaction with the semi-nomadic Himba community, fascinating nature walks, boating (water levels permitting), and low-impact guided quad-bike excursions complete the experience. The eight chalets are set on elevated decks and crafted in wood, canvas and thatch to create a unique camp that is at one with its surroundings and celebrates the culture of the Himba people. The Ozonganda (Herero, meaning “main area”) affords spectacular views over the Kunene River. We have a mutually-beneficial partnership with the Marienfluss Conservancy, which is owned primarily by the Himba people, the benefits of which include lease fees, employment and skills transfer.

Wildlife: The Kunene River is the only permanent source of water in this region, the river creating an oasis along its banks – a winding band of green surrounded by the lunar-like landscape of the Namib Desert which stretches to the Serra Cafema mountain range in the north. Game viewing in this area is limited to small herds of gemsbok, springbok and Hartmann's mountain zebra. The Kunene River has a large population of Nile crocodiles. Burchell's courser and Benguela long-billed lark are among the characteristic bird species to be found in this area. There are also a number of endemic reptiles, the desert plated lizard being a particular speciality.

Activities: Nature drives in Hartmann’s Valley in 05 x 10-seater open Land Cruisers each accommodating a maximum of 07 guests. In cooler weather conditions hot water bottles and lined ponchos are provided on nature drives.  Private activities available on request (subject to availability and additional cost).  Guided quad biking - no children under 16 years of age (subject to availability) x 09 quad bikes.  Guided nature walks – no children under 13 years of age (weather permitting and subject to the availability of a qualified guide).  Boating on the Kunene River (water levels permitting) in 01 x 06-seater boats.  Interacting with the Himba people - a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists who live in the Kaokoveld area  Stargazing with a laser pointer, weather permitting and according to the lunar phases (not offered around full moon).  Back of house tours.  Camp chats about the area and its geology, the Children in the Wilderness programme, the Kunene people and their conservancy.  Wilderness Safaris and Olympus Photo Hub experience.

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