4x4 Camping Adventures Namibia

Namibian road with 4x4 and roof tent
The type of 4x4 fully equipped you can rent in Namibia

4x4 Camping Adventures. with fully equipped vehicles.

Carefully Prepared 4x4 Adventures in Southern Africa

A concept, which offers you the possibility to combine your taste for 4x4 driving and the discovery of Namibia and neighboring countries on a camping trip. On specially designed itineraries, 4x4 enthusiasts go for 7 to 21 days tours, with fully equipped vehicles. The different stops of your adventure are carefully planned and can combine camping with more comfortable nights in lodges or hotels. Only 4x4 vehicles will gives access to the wildest and most remote areas of Namibia, and allows you to cross borders. You can drive to the north-western parts of Namibia - Kaokoland, to meet the famous Himba People, to the Okavango delta in Botswana or even to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.


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Camping in Namibia

Most land in namibia is either private or National Park, where strict regulations are enforced for nature conservation purposes. Therefore, camping wild in the bush is restricted to some very remote areas. We strongly recommend to book your camping sites in advance, in national parks and on privte farms.

For more comfort, most our clients also book some nights in guest farms or lodges.

By booking your tour in advance, you will ensure that:
Your tour is enjoyable and realistic; you really make the best of your holiday.
You won't spend precious holiday time organizing your holidays on the spot.
You have a much better control over your spending, knowing what to expect.

4x4 Camping Adventures Vehicles

2 or 4 seater, always with Air/Conditioning and Radio/Tape.
All our vehicles used for 4x4 Camping Adventures are fully equipped with roof tents, 12v fridge, cooking, camping, and sleeping equipment...
Together, we compose your very own Namibia discovery, your tour is unique.

Departure Dates

Your departure date is a la Carte, to suit your needs.
Freely travel during the day with peace of mind for your evening stop.
Your camping sites are booked in advance and guaranteed.

No Driver / Guide

We do not organize camping tours with driver/guides as we consider our adventurous travelers don't need it.